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Why do we want to create such a web service? This roots fundamentally from our philosophy about investment. People talk about investment all the time, but what investment is exactly? You can say it is an ability to discover hidden value in a depressed time; you could also state a good investment foresees the growth of an industry or corporate; you certainly also could say an investment in a breakthrough technology or science would reward handsomely. From our understanding, investment, particularly in stock market or options market, is at first a sentimental game in a money pool. Stock market is a man-made market reflecting people’s perception about different companies’ prospects. There is nothing called stock market which pre-existed on earth. People’s perception can vary, from one extreme to anther extreme, sometimes right and sometimes even wrong when looking back. Thus, in general, in our theory, there are three mutually-affecting factors deciding the investment performance here: money size/flow, perception, and sound underlying economic/scientific/engineering mechanisms.

When an increased amount of money is available to flow into the market, the general market would arise. When a hot perception on a company’s product or technology is established by important players in the market, the company’s stock would appreciate. When a company’s product is based on real scientific/engineering progress, the economic value it created will be long-lasting and in return results in a good long-term investment.

We believe biotech/healthcare era is really coming and some of very exciting and the very best investments in the next several decades would lay in this sector. Biotech sector investment is a unique area whose success heavily depends on your mastering of perception and science. Our web service is trying to help you succeed on both grounds. If there is only one good piece of common-sense wisdom I like to pass to my children about how to succeed in literally any fields – it is to work with the very best ones in that field, learn their tricks and then go beyond them. In this website, we pack the actions and opinions of the best and most influential players in bio-investment world right to your desk to address “perception”. By subscribing to our basic service, you will be presented with:

  • Actions of most successful and influential biotech hedge funds at a time as early as a legal filing possibly allowed
  • Opinions of most influential wall street analysists covering biotech firms with the best track records in history
  • Actions of the best corporate insiders such as 10% owners and corporate executives with the best track records in history
  • The critical information such as catalysts, cash situation and short interest that are unique to biotech firms

All the above information can really help you stand on top of the very best and influential players here. The initial screening of such information will generate tons of useful investment ideas. If you are a highly sophisticated investor with domain knowledge, you could start from here to dig further to find your investment candidates. For investors without specialized biotech knowledge, it is still possible to build a good and balanced portfolio purely based on quantitatively-selected picks from those top players. For instance, one research disclosed that a simple copying of Baker Bros’ significant new positions on small biotech firms each quarter after 13F filing can generate a superior return. Of course, you could subscribe to our premium service – in that we would handpick stocks with further solid research on its science and fundamentals.

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